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Trained Staff
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All of the staff at Kiddie Gardens Preschool has passed a thorough background check and is trained to work effectively and compassionately with your children. We train our staff extensively, and make sure that anyone you trust with your children at our facility has earned the right to call themselves a childcare professional. 

Proven Curriculum


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In addition to teaching to the nation-leading Texas Early Childhood standards, Kiddie Gardens Preschool uses a proven curriculum that gives students the opportunity to engage with several learning standards each day. 


No Hidden Fees
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Kiddie Gardens will never charge you a surprise fee. Ever. Where other daycares lure you in with a promotional rate and then hit you with unexpected fees, Kiddie Gardens Daycare and Preschool will never charge an enrollment fee or supply fee. The price we quote you is the price you'll pay. Guaranteed.


Nurturing Your Child

At Kiddie Gardens Preschool and Daycare, our goal is to help your child learn to grow! Using a specialized curriculum uniquely developed by certified teachers, our trained and vetted childcare professionals will do more than just keep your child safe for the day. Our team will nurture your child's development with educational activities, age-appropriate learning experiences, and a time-structured daily routine. 

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