Proven Learning Curriculum

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At Kiddie Gardens, we use a language-based research curriculum that was developed by Arizona State University's Early Childhood Education Department.


Mission Statement

We teach to the Texas Early Childhood Standards, which consist of a balance of teacher- and student-directed activities. Students are provided multiple opportunities to work on several standards each day. Our activities are based on child interests so learning is made fun.

We encourage independence at every turn so your child is ready for kindergarten when the time comes. We work with your child on whatever developmental milestone they are ready for--from using a big cup to potty training to weening off a pacifier, we help with it all!


We have themes that we change every two weeks. Our themes link together what we are learning in Circle Time, music, and art! Circle Time is where the bulk of our teacher-led instruction comes into play. This is where Ms. Susan reads books, practices pre-reading skills, works on skills including verbalization, numbers, days of the week, the alphabet, and social-emotional skills. If we are learning about space in Circle Time, then we are singing about related topics in music, and making a model planet in art!


Centers is where our students learn to play and play to learn! We have a block center where they can build and be creative. We have a language center that helps students in pre-writing and pre-reading skills. This center also helps students understand concepts like rhyming, synonyms, antonyms, opposites, homonyms, etc. In our math and science centers, students have many opportunities to play educational games to enhance their knowledge. Finally, our dramatic play center helps students have an outlet and develop their social emotional skills. These skills are what students use to make friends, feel empathy, and share. 


We have art every day--but there is never a supply fee for you! Our art ties into Early Childhood Standards and our themes for that week. 


We offer music every day. Music includes teaching through songs, getting activity in through high energy dancing, and playing musical instruments. 

Gross Motor

Our Gross Motor center works your child's big movement skills. People who are good at sports are said to be in good control of their gross motor faculties. If drawing detailed art is fine motor, then throwing a pitch in baseball is gross motor. Skills worked in this room are things like balance, jumping, throwing, and hand-eye coordination. 


We work on writing every day. We determine student's readiness and designate goals based on that readiness. Students will be placed in a group based on age and readiness, and will be working on different pre-writing strategies based upon their group. Younger groups will be working on tracing and cutting straight lines to curvy lines and shapes. Older groups will be working on skills such as writing their names, the alphabet, numbers, and tracing more intricate patterns. 


Students will go to the library section every day to look at books, play with puzzles, and listen along to books on tape. 


We are monitored by the state to ensure that we are serving healthy, balanced meals every day. We offer breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. We also offer supper for our after-school care students. 


Mission Statement

Our infant room is not like most others because we believe in letting children learn through play and exploration. Many childcare providers have play pens, swings, bouncers, and other restrictive devices to move babies through all day long. Our infant room is a safe learning environment where babies can crawl, learn to stand, learn to walk, and discover the world around them. We have a mobile area where children who are crawling and walking can play. We have a non-mobile area where babies can have tummy-time and work on skills like rolling over, sitting up, and crawling. We also have a library and a discovery area.


We keep diaper, nap, and feeding logs for infants and send them home at the end of every day. Keeping good communication between us and you is very important.


Babies are on their own schedule of napping, eating, and playing, but they go to every area multiple times a day to encourage curiosity and learning.

Safe-Sleep Practices

Here at Kiddie Gardens, we follow the safe-sleep practices for infants set forth by the state of Texas. We always place babies on their backs in empty cribs for sleep. We will not put blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, bottles, or anything that can harm children while sleeping in a crib. We have sleepers and footie pajamas for warmth if needed. Every child has their own, labeled crib and sheets are washed every day.